Thursday, December 8, 2011

New trial for Lynn DeJac

The community is split on whether Lynn DeJac-Peters-Cougar-Mellencamp deserves millions of dollars for being wrongly imprisoned for her daughter's murder. Many feel her daughter would have been safe if DeJac wasn't out partying and doing drugs every night throughout the Babcock neighborhood. Although this may or may not have been true. I don't believe anything the media or the D.A.'s office claims anymore.

To say she was not the best mother is an understatement. But what about former District Attorney Frank Clark? This idiot made a deal with the real killer (Dennis Donohue) to testify against DeJac and blame her for the crime. Talk about incompetent. Donohue probably couldn't believe his luck! But his luck ran out after his DNA was found at the scene of two other strangulations. I hate when that happens.Way to be on top of things Frank Clark. Have another drink.

The fact remains that Lynn DeJac spent 14 years in jail for a crime she clearly did not commit...


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  1. i know her mothering skills werent up to par but yes she most definitely deserves some type of settlement how would you like to be imprisoned for 13 years for a crime you didnt commit. i know i wouldnt. shouldnt even be going to court they should have offered it to her on the day she was released