Monday, December 5, 2011

Barnaby in trouble with the law again

In light of two hit and run deaths in the past few months, I hope the courts take the Matthew Barnaby situation seriously. Barnaby was pulled over for DWI in Clarence, after police observed him driving without a front tire. A minor inconvenience...

Former Buffalo Sabres forward Matthew T. Barnaby could be deported to his native Canada as a result of a drunken driving arrest early this morning in Clarence.

"I hope Mr. Barnaby has a good lawyer because he is going to need one," Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III said today. Barnaby, 38, of Clarence, who is not an American citizen, was told in July that his earlier charges would be dismissed only if he stayed out of trouble.

It's unfortunate that Barnaby's personal life has spiraled out of control. He clearly needs help. It just goes to show you that money does not provide happiness or stability. Even troubled people with money latch onto alcohol like a crutch. As a player, I always felt Barnaby's bark was much bigger than his bite.
Barnaby charged with DWI


  1. I find it interesting to hear the deportation talk surrounding this case. Here we have a legitimate green card carrying visitor to our country, that has admittedly had some legal problems. Contrast that with policies in place across the country that bar law enforcement from contacting federal immigration authorities when they arrest illegal aliens, regardless of how severe the nature of the crime.

    Looks like Matthew's ability to remain in the country would look a bit brighter had he been in the country illegally. Of course it is impolitic to speak in such a manner, and I will inevitably be called racist for this opinion, but doesn't something seem wrong here? Just another twist to a messed up story.

  2. I think that's a valid point. People will call others racists at the drop of a hat these days. However, the law should be consistent for both legals and illegals.Your opinion is based on facts and not racism.

    I'm glad nobody was hurt and I hope Barnaby can turn his life around. He wasn't the best of players but at least he played with passion every night, it seemed.