Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lafayette we are here (for now)

Now this is what I paid to see. The love fest between city hall and the agitators is about to end. Well, sort of. A splinter group has left Niagara Square and has decided to occupy Lafayette Square. Does this mean the Niagara Square group are the 98%ers?

"If they use force to remove us we will come back in force," said one of the protestors at Lafayette Square, Chris Phillips. Phillips is a 30 year-old English major at Buffalo State College.

Now that is a true protester speaking. I like the new protesters over at Lafayette Square. Forget about thanking the mayor or bringing donuts over to the downtown police station. We're talking good old fashioned fisticuffs here. These people are genuinely angry. I might go down there dressed in a police uniform just to get them warmed up. Someone might want to remind them that they'll be sending in 100 police officers and they only have six, one-man tents, though...

City may evict 'Occupiers' in Lafayette: wivb.com


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