Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bflo. News contradicts itself on Schroeder

The Buffalo News' editorial board/bores really came after City Comptroller Mark Schroeder today. Here are some excerpts...

The biggest offenders are the party hacks who don’t require competence of their candidates for office.

In the case of the city comptroller in Buffalo, the selection was rigged so that residents were never given a chance to vote for anyone except the party-approved nominee.

The consequence is we are stuck with Mark Schroeder as the next Buffalo city comptroller.

Not long ago, the News had Mark Schroeder as their chosen hero. Here's an exact quote taken from their endorsement of him a few years back for the NY State Assembly seat...

“If Teddy Roosevelt came back to life to oppose Mark Schroeder, we'd have to think long and hard before backing TR,” said the Buffalo News, who also called Schroeder a “perpetual motion machine” with a “solid record of achievement” who “values the taxpayers’ dollar” and “stands up for what he thinks is right.”

They are that stupid that they portray some of these politicians as super heroes from time to time, and then act surprised when they let them down.

The guys in the suits from East Amherst didn't stop there...

Schroeder, of course, has absolutely no background helpful in running the Comptroller’s Office. He is not only not an accountant, he’s weak in the entire field of finance.

His experience is being a politician, currently an assemblyman, living off the taxpayers at the public trough.

Had they done their homework, the News would know that Schroeder came to Albany from many years working in the private sector. He was involved in sales for a large company out of Dunkirk called CliffStar.

The News didn't mind when Anthony Nanula bought his City Comptroller seat a decade ago with his father's money and no accounting experience. I guess that was o.k. because he came from money. What really matters to them is whether the person does their bidding or not. I couldn't see myself sitting down with the editorial board for an endorsement interview ever again. They don't know what goes on in the neighborhoods. They already know who they plan on supporting and it's a no win situation for any challenger. I also love how they write a scathing article like this, anonymously. Whether you agree with them on Schroeder or not, do not trust the Buffalo News. None of them live near you or I. It will be interesting to see if Schroeder's camp comes up with a response.




  1. Your buddy Marty finds the appointment "Disgusting!!!!", I wonder if he's changed his tune since yesterday at 1:46.

  2. why would he change his tune? i disagree with my friends all the time. they have their opinions. i have mine.

    i just found it funny that the News was ripping a guy who they were in love with a short time ago. a year ago, he could do no wrong in their eyes.

  3. Not only didnt I change my tune but I addressed my opinion on this matter in a strongly worded letter to the print edition of News that will appear soon.I feel its my duty to comment on stories that interest me and I always use my name instead of bad mouthing someone behind their back at the local bar.I am not a yes man to any public figure like many South Buffalonian phonys and nobody is exempt.

  4. The News editorial about Mark was disgusting to say the least. That was nothing but an attack to discredit him, with the only truth being, he had no one to run against. He really does have experience and he certainly has a solid track record of doing good in the community.
    He has done a lot for his district while in the assembly. From his continuous support and encouragement of the Education Center and his openness to his constiuents, he has done a great job.
    I do not care about a Wal Mart on Seneca not happening,overall, he has done an exceptional job.

  5. You may as well just blow Shroeder next time Bloger,whats in it for you?

  6. "You may as well just blow Shroeder next time Bloger,whats in it for you?"

    What did I say about Schroeder that wasn't true? In fact, the only thing I said about him was that he was elected after working in the private sector for years. That is a fact. If I call or email Schroeder, he always gets back to me. He supports S Bflo Soccer. No other S Bflo official does. My article was a commentary on the News, not on Mark Schroeder.


  8. Supporting Brown should be a crime and he also sent out a mass email telling people to vote for Cuomo over Carl Paladino in Governors race.