Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Council tries to rip us off already

This is nonsense and new Common Council Majority Leader Rich Fontana should no better. The new majority is trying to approve a $2,500 "stipend"(that's the word they use when they don't want to say salary) to some useless committee member. Opponents are calling it a "Christmas gift." That's real money. That's our money. Use it to fix sidewalks or towards tearing down an abandoned house.

Don't believe them when they say they have the money because they spent less elsewhere. They are trying to sell the taxpayers a bill of goods. Don't fall for it. The Blogger says, "No!" Therefore, the people will say, "No!" Get your hands off our wallets, crooks. This is the type of thing Rich Fontana fought against before he became entrenched in city hall...


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