Monday, December 19, 2011

Company donates to South Buffalo family

Who says all our stories are negative? Channel 7 did a nice story about a South Buffalo family I knew from the South Buffalo Charter School. Their young mother lost her battle with cancer last month and they are being raised by their grandmother. A local company, wishing to remain anonymous, donated several Christmas gifts to the four young boys.

The four kids are very nice. They live one street away from me. The oldest one, Anthony, acts as the leader and watches over his younger brothers. They are very smart, good students, and always display good manners (a rarity these days). All last summer, I could hear my doorbell ringing (which I usually ignore, unless the person calls first). They knew I was home because the car was in the driveway. "Mr. Blake! Mr. Blake!" For about 20 minutes while I tried to continue my perennial nap. They knew I coached soccer teams and wanted to know if I had any old soccer balls. Eventually, I was able to get them some. I knew them from school and was aware of their mother's condition.They asked me if my doorbell was broke and I told them it was when I was taking a nap. I give their grandmother a lot of credit. She has done her best with them and I'm glad the neighbors on their street keep an eye on them also...

South Buffalo (WKBW) Just a week before Christmas, it was a holiday surprise for a family who needed it most in South Buffalo. A special delivery of three bags of presents and boxes of food translates to smiling faces and clapping hands, things that have been absent from one South Buffalo home. Late last month, Madonna Kaminski lost her daughter Rhonda Osborne, a mother of four, to cancer.

"She was young. She fought cancer. She lost. These four moved in with me. We're doing the best we can to give them a good Christmas," Kaminski said.

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