Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wack pack's NFL picks: week 16

Buddy the Book and the City Hall Rooster have submitted their picks for the final week of the NFL regular season. The Bills got some turnovers last week and got back on the winning track against Denver. My favorite part of the game was when Jesus Christ came down to the field at halftime and told Tim Tebow he sucked. Actually, I was one of the lucky ones not able to see the game thanks to the greedy NFL's blackout policy.

Buddy the Book

Buddy is going with Baltimore, Miami, Carolina, and San Francisco. The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco.

For his "play of the week", he says to go with the Boston Patriots over the hometown Bills. Boston needs this game for home field advantage, and Buddy expects the Bills to run for the bus like Forrest Gump. "This game will be over with by halftime. Tom Brady is a terrific quarterback, but it doesn't even matter. The Patriots could start Tony Eason, or Tony Hammell for that matter, and we still wouldn't have a chance,"remarked the famous Book.

The OTB Boys (The Rooster and MacGavis)

Being our point man in city hall, it will be interesting to talk to the famous bird and find out what's really going on over there. Rich Fontana is quickly becoming the Fredo Corleone of the Buffalo Common Council.

I like it. The South District Common Councilman once told me a quote from Confucius, "To trust is good, to not trust, better." He probably didn't think I would remember, but the Blogger never forgets anything. Remember, if you work in city hall and you want a friend, get a dog.

The Rooster is concerned about the Buffalo point spread going down. Some casinos have it as (-10) leaving him confused. He wonders what the hell is going on, as he thinks this one will be ugly, early. (Everyone seems to agree with him, which makes me think it could end up being a close game). His prediction is Boston 48 Bills 27. He also points out that Tennessee needs a win but Texas doesn't. He says to "Remember the Titans"(-2.5).

The Rooster and company points out they are taking Minnesota over Chicago, but points out they have been drinking. Look for Kyle Orton of the Chiefs to play well against Denver, the team that cut him earlier this season. The Rooster says Tebow will be a Fullback within the next few years. Go with the Chiefs (+3).

The game of the day will be Dallas(+3) and the NY Football Giants for the NFC East title. The G-Men have been on a roll and Dallas has been inconsistent. But (and the Rooster points out that this but is bigger than Guido's butt) this is the NSL (No Sense League). For this reason alone, the Rooster says, "Go the Sandusky way and take the Boys."


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