Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kenmore East basketball players suspended

Sophomore Tyra Batts, 15, said that as a black athlete, she was shocked when she first heard the N-word chant during the team's first game of the season Friday against Sweet Home. She discussed the incident at her home on Thursday in Tonawanda .<br>Photo by John Hickey/ Buffalo News
The entire Kenmore East High School girls basketball team has been suspended for using the N-word in their pregame cheer. This, despite the fact they have a black player (pictured above) on their team. From the Buffalo News...

Teammates would hold hands before their games, say a prayer together, then yell "One, two, three [N-word]!" before running out onto the court, according to offended students.

Talk about ignorance. I don't care if they're innocent high school kids. They should know better by that age. And where are the coaches? I don't want to hear that this is a private pep talk with no adults. This has been allegedly going on for years and you're telling me no adults were aware of it? The way girls talk? Please. (I did read from the comments that this was the new coach's first game at Kenmore East. So, I would tend to blame the former coaches more than her.) You have to know what's going on with your team. How could the players have thought this was acceptable?

In response to the incident at Kenmore East, Kenmore West has announced their new pregame cheer "One, two, three, honkies!"

Speaking of inappropriate racial slurs, check out this Wheel of Fortune clip I posted the other day. I can't believe this contestant thought the N-word would actually be put in one of the show's puzzles. The silent shock of the audience and the look on the contestant's face after realizing it is not the correct letter, is worth the 19 seconds it will take to watch it. How does one live this down?...



  1. You should be one to talc,u probably hav a white sheet in ur closet

  2. not true. just because one discusses race, does not make one racist. i'm certainly not politically correct, but not racist.