Friday, December 30, 2011

Mayor Schroeder?

We always have our ears to the ground around here. A canary told me of a recent meeting at Spot Coffee between Mark Schroeder and former NBA director of Security "Weekend at Bernies" Tolbert. The topic of discussion was the mayoral race of 2013. According to my source, Tolbert has given Schroeder his blessing and backing to challenge Mayor Byron Brown in 2013.

That wasn't the only thing the two agreed upon. Both are 100% committed to having the Blogger as their chief Spokesman. Mike DeGeorge: Keep that seat warm for me you little effer! Seriously, do we need four more years of this indecisive, empty suit wearing, Steve Urkel looking, catastrophe of a mayor? He has had long enough to get some things done. What has he done, besides bring corruption to the 2nd floor of city hall?



  1. I heard this also.I wonder when the fireworks will start between him and Byron?

  2. Mike, you are incorrect about the Mayor. He has brought MORE corruption to City Hall. Love the blog,esp.the South Buffalo crime report. Happy New Year!