Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dumb ad

Was just talking to some friends of mine about a pet peeve and they agreed with me. You might, too. Has anyone heard this commercial on the radio, where an ambulance siren can be heard loudly and without warning? I think the commercial is on WBEN often, but I'm not sure what it is for. The loud siren also has nothing to do with the product they are selling.

I wonder if it occurred to these marketing geniuses that people often listen to the radio while they are driving. I was half -listening the other day, when I heard the siren. It sounded like an ambulance was going to pull out right in front of my car. Not seeing an ambulance or fire truck upon hearing the sound, made me even more nervous. I checked all my mirrors and looked all over the place before realizing it was a stupid ad. Maybe it's just me, but shouldn't these advertisers have more common sense? I know the chances of getting into an accident because of this are slim, but why increase the odds? There are already enough distractions on the road with all the stupid gadgets people are manipulating while operating their vehicles.


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