Friday, December 2, 2011

Musical teachers

Half the teachers at Futures Academy and the Drew Magnet School will be transferred to other schools. Because of some ridiculous state mandate, they will also be forced to "reapply" for their jobs. Can you imagine being at work for several years and then told you will have to reapply to keep your job?

"We're not doing it. We're not budging an inch. Nobody is. We've had enough," said one teacher at Futures Academy. "It's going to be a battle. I'll tell you that right now. If they violate the contract, we'll go to court and sue them."

I don't blame this teacher. Do these suits really think bringing in entirely new faces is going to lead to improvements? Most of these ideas are generated by people who've never spent any time in the classroom. Just another attack on teachers, trying to perform under difficult circumstances. I like what this Future's Academy teacher had to say on the topic...

"If we're such poor teachers in these schools, why aren't they bringing Olmsted, City Honors and Hutch-Tech teachers into these schools and moving us into those schools? We can't do any more damage there," a Futures Academy teacher said.

So true. I think what they really need to do is switch the custodians and the cafeteria workers from the lower performing schools to the higher ones. Why not? Both ideas make about the same amount of sense. What's the difference? It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I have a feeling Uncle Phil Rumore will have something hidden underneath his sleeve. Prediction: He will make fools of the Superintendent as well as the School Board. Look for them to try and come up with a loophole to get the state money without switching the teachers. Where's David Copperfield when you need him?

Teacher transfers planned at two city schools


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