Monday, August 10, 2009

To each his own, I guess

When someone is searching for faith, what would make them say, "I hear good things about snake handling." It's hard to believe these are Americans living in the same era as you and I. I wonder if they have weekly bingo in Jolo, WV? Hard to believe it is only 500 miles from Buffalo. I don't care if there is a desperate shortage of phys ed teachers there. This is one area of the country I will avoid. Check out the dancing guy's face at 0:17.


  1. They do this at Sarah Palin's church...There's a video of her on Youtube with snakes....scarey.

  2. haha. I found Palin to be a strange choice by McCain. I don't know what the GOP was going for with that one. She made for many funny Tina Fay skits though.