Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random Thoughts From the Ghetto- Volume 1

- I know it happened about 15 years ago but I'm just now getting over the shock that such an absurd event even took place. Did we actually witness someone lie down in front of a garbage truck to get elected to the Buffalo Common Council?

-The Bflo Bills recently came out with their 50th anniversary team. I was happy to see they selected James Lofton. I always thought he was an unheralded player on the great Super Bowl teams. The selection of Reuban Brown on offensive line was a bad one in my opinion. I'm not too sure about the difference between a guard and a tackle but I think Reggie McKenzie, Will Wolford, and Joe Devlin were all better linemen than Brown, and none of them were selected. Brown was very good at getting flagged for holding and promoting himself off of the field. Maybe he should run for local office in a few years.

-If you're one of those people that buys lottery tickets at convenient stores while the line behind you increases, you should know that the people behind you are irritated at you. People who go to these stores are often in a hurry and really don't care what your lucky numbers are. Please do us all a favor and use a lottery machine to throw away your money.

-I know they were trying to make a political statement but the people that showed up outside Obama's rally carrying loaded guns in Arizona did more to harm their cause than help it. One guy even had a semi automatic weapon and it was all legal. I'm for the 2nd amendment but something needs to be done to get handguns out of the hands of criminals and drug dealers in this country.

-I'm not an expert writer by any means. No, really. But I'm puzzled as to why Donne Esmonde has a fascination with describing the physical characteristics of every male subject he writes about. Just an observation. This is the same guy that wrote a spiteful story about Jimmy Griffin two days after he died. Do you think he never got over the way Griffin used to refer to him as Donny Osmond.? Just a guess.

-Thank you to everyone that reads my blog. I'm getting comments from people out in the community that I never thought would be interested in what I have to say. Surprisingly, some don't even think that I suck. As the late Ray Hermann used to say in his columns, Go forth and sin no more.

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