Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Name change

I never really liked the word unsolicited in the blog's title. Too fancy. Too dificult to pronounce or spell. An irate reader sent me a message recently and said I was "unbalanced". Although this person meant it in a negative way, I kind of liked it.

1.not balanced or not properly balanced.
2.lacking steadiness and soundness of judgment.
3.mentally disordered; deranged.

I guess I better get used to negative comments as the privileged band together to defend themselves and their relatives. Many of them keep saying I "don't know what I'm talking about." But when I ask them to tell me what incorrect information I have posted, they never respond about a specific post. I do my best to post accurately. Most of it is simply my opinion. It's hard to get all the facts when the powers that be work so hard to shield them from the rest of us. I don't know what they are so worried about. I'm just a soccer coach. A nobody. I don't know anyone. Why would anyone care about what I write anyway?

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When I started this, I thought it was going to be hard to find content. There's so much stuff out there, it's been like shooting fish in a barrel. In fact, it's been so easy, a caveman could do it...


  1. I was hoping you would have posted something regarding the whole Kane mess. There was no mention of young Jim Kane's father being Williams's right hand man on the Board of Ed. Sweaty Stefan used his contacts at our local media outlets to keep this quiet. That's why he's paid 95k, or more.

  2. One of the Kanes was arrested? Just kidding. There were several long meetings with our editorial board debating whether to cover this story. Actually, both Kanes played in my soccer leagues for years. Neither has ever given me a problem and both always displayed good sportsmanship and respect (and I can spot a punk a mile away). In fact, I spoke to Pat Kane briefly on Monday at his younger sibling's game.
    I have seen several kids that I would label as "spoiled" come and go throughout the years but these two are not among them. I'm in no way condoning what they did (if the allegations are true). I can just say those are not the two kids that I know. I found the whole incident sad and I'm hoping they can rebound from it, grow,and make whatever changes needed to be made in their lives.
    Artvoice is no fan of James Kane Sr. and I'm sure they will have something to say about it.

  3. I like the sweaty Stefan referance. Any truth to the rumor that his assistants first assignment will be going through his hair looking for soldiers missing in action from WWII?

  4. What assistant? You got that bit of info, wrong. He doesnt have one. Get your facts straight and while your at it, why not keep negative comments about you up? You can dish out but you can't take it, can you?

  5. I heard conflicting reports that the entitled Comerford was annointed as his assistant or his supervisor.I'm not part of one of the privileged S Bflo families so I'm not privy to this information. Comerford is the only person on here that I haven't met. That I admit. Which is it? Supervisor or assistant?
    When I start marketing this a little bit more, people will hear about these things. If a negative comment about me is funny, I will keep it up.
    As to this whole blog. I was excluded from a team. Therefore, I'll start my own team and compete against the other team. I'm far from perfect. But I'm not going to sit back after 19 years and watch other people get handed things. And it is not the school board job I am talking about.

  6. So let's see if I am clear on this..You can degrade and judge other people (some of whom you have admittedly have never even met) for no good reason other some ridiculous opinions of yours. But people can't share their opinion about you because you because you won't post it? Keyboard courage, you'd call that, right? Got it.

  7. Keyboard courage is when you post something anonymously that you would never have the courage to attach your name to. I attach my name to every one of my posts. There was only one person I mentioned that I hadn't met. I knew that person had to be entitled. She had no choice. She was born into entitlement.
    It is your right to call my opinions "ridiculous". There are many people out there (judging from the comments I'm getting out in the community) that see them differently. I will show people in power the same amount of respect that they show me. No more. No less.

  8. keep doing what you're doing. you got them against the ropes and they don't like it. hysterical.