Monday, August 17, 2009

Let's See if Governor Pinocchio Has Any Guts

I hope governor Patterson signs this piece of legislation giving state authorities less power. Remember when people were calling for the elimination of the thruway tolls and all the thruway authority spokespeople were saying we needed the "revenue"? Be careful when you hear political people use that word. As most know, it's a safe way for them to say taxes. They got rid of a few tolls and then increased tolls on other parts of the thruway. Assemblyman Mark Schroeder and Congressman Brian Higgins are just two of many that have spoken out against these corrupt agencies. The agencies are out of control and need to go. Some important points to ponder. Will the governor sign this legislation or will he come up with some lame excuse not to? Will his approval rating continue to decrease to unprecedented levels? Will I order pizza for dinner tonight? Stay tuned. All of these questions will be answered shortly.

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