Friday, August 28, 2009

Williams/Kane's Salary Remain a Secret

This article was in today's paper regarding salary data for the Buffalo Board of Education. Superintendent Williams is reluctant to put this information on the city of Buffalo website. I was glad to see a link to another website, where some of the information was found.

On that website, I found that Bflo Director of Physical Education (East Amherst resident) Dave Thomas made $115,796 last year. With a sectional record of 2-699-0, I can see his pay was not based on performance. The Buffalo athletic programs have been a complete joke under his leadership (for lack of a better word). He mentioned once that Buffalo schools would someday have field hockey programs. Have you purchased the skirts yet? It also shows that his entitled son made $50,199 despite being a newer teacher. Must be nice when daddy hands you every coaching opportunity there is. I hope the retirement rumors about Thomas are true for the sake of all scholastic athletes in Buffalo.

Noticeably missing from this data was Dr. William's salary as well as the salary of West Seneca resident and William's chief of staff James Kane. What are these guys trying to hide? We will have to conduct our own independent investigation to uncover their salaries.

I remember when Williams tried to sneak out of Buffalo for a job in Memphis, Tenn. He was a serious candidate until the Memphis papers found out the Bflo schools were on the brink of disaster and people were trying to run Williams out of town. Then, he quietly withdrew. Looks like Memphis' gain continues to be our loss.


  1. Ive wondered why the News never mentioned that Jim is the father of Jim Kane Jr. who punched out the cabbie. Sweaty Stefan must have called in a few chips.

  2. haha. sweaty Stefan. i love that name. why do all of these people have spokespeople anyway?