Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sun Sets on One Sunset

These articles were in today's Buffalo News. I don't remember when it became government's job to fund new businesses. I guess it's a tough call because people will complain to politicians if there are empty storefronts or they'll complain if they try to jump start new businesses. However, money is no substitute for good business sense.
Talk to any successful small business owner and they'll tell you great stories about how hard it was to start their business and how many long hours it took them in the early days. The successful ones don't need much to start with except a good product, great customer service, and a willingness to work long hours. I look at the Wayside Restaurant as a prime example. That restaurant has flourished because they serve very good food at a reasonable prices and the husband and wife that run it(Dennis and Clare) spend countless hours doing so.
I hope it does well, but the new restaurant on Seneca St. (Francesca's) doesn't need $70,000 of our money to make it look like Salvatores. It needs good food at reasonable prices. If you build it, they will come.
Looks like in the case of One Sunset, the BERC (see useless government agency) gave tens of thousands of dollars of our money to a politically connected former basketball player with no previous business experience. Needless to say, the restaurant failed and now at least $90,000 is "unaccounted for". The woman behind the mess (Michelle Barron) was praised by city hall officials a few months ago and labeled as a scapegoat. Today, she was quietly fired by them. I wonder what Dennis and Clare from the Wayside would think about all the free money they were given.
Auditors can't find $90,000 in aid given to failed restaurant*


  1. Dennis & Clare...but the Wayside got greedy. They raised their prices a bit too much. They are nothing special. I have been going elsewhere. I also don't like the new set up...everyone is on top of each other. I like a bit a privacy when dining out. Yeah, it's me, Teresa

  2. Thank you, Teresa. I agree about the privacy. I usually order to go from the Wayside. I hadn't noticed that they raised their prices. I was just making a point that they built up the restaurant with many years of hard work and many hard earned Blake dollars.