Saturday, August 29, 2009

Last Week's Crime Report

Don't ask me how, but our local IT department figured out how to send them. If you see my name under any of the arrests, please ignore it. It's a misprint.

Monday August 17th

South Park/Trowbridge--man with a gun---1 arrest---Michael McCrayer....Dartmouth ave--poss of weapon,menacing,drugs.
62 Good--larceny--blak murray bike stolen
2389 Seneca--UUV
103 Weimar--Burglary--cash stolen.
431 Abbott--larceny--CD's stolen from car.
155 Bailey--shoplifters--2 B/M's did steal berr/food--fled in tan van NY reg CGV-676
1111 Fuhrman--crim mis/larceny from car---window broken--GPS stolen.
47 Shenandoah--larceny--purse stolen from car
88 Fields--larceny--IPOD stolen from car.
59 Pries--larceny--money order taken from nightstand
1929 Clinton--larceny--money removed from purse while at Library
34 Alleghany--larceny--laptop stolen.
60 Richfield--larceny--Girls 20" huffy bike & helmet stolen from hall
Marilla st--RUUV
West Seneca Pd--man on Buffalo warrant--1 arrest
86 Troupe--crim mis--bleach thrown at wall--suspect listed.
85 Hayden--larceny--credit card used without permission--1 arrest---Stephen Boylin..
26 Glendhu--crim mis--broken items in house--suspect listed.
78 Kimberly--ID Theft
1450 Seneca--susp vehicle--2 arrest--marijuana--Michelle Turton..Hansen dr....Krystal Piatek Benson..West Seneca
Seneca/Duerstein--2 arrests--Dis con---James Boyer..Duerstein...Brian Szpadell Nugget ave ..Cheek

Tuesday August 18th

46 Densmore--crim mis/larceny from car--door damaged--IPOD stolen
240 Scott--crim mis/larceny from car--window broken--GPS stolen.
519 S Division--larceny--2 bikes stolen from garage
412 Louisianna---crim mis--brike thrown thru rear window.
Louisianna/S park--1 arrest--David Tyes..Newburgh St..marijuana
117 Norman--assault--warrant card issued.
325 Louisianna--harassment---suspect listed2140 Seneca--1 arrest---Sean Darling.....Obstruction/Resisting arrest.
22 Leaminton--threats--1 arrest---Jason Shaul300 Fulton--assault--1 arrest---Clyde Hightower

Wednesday August 19th

105 Riverview---Burglary--entry thru rear window--cash stolen.
215 Scoville--Burglary--while victim was out of town .rear door entry---whole house of items stolen.
827 S Division--Burglary--rear door pryed open---50" TV,Dell computer,playstation stolen...posible suspect listed.
2199 Seneca--larceny--$400 removed from ATM without victims permission.
150 Peabody--larceny--Mongoose--BMX bike stolen
2133 South Park--(NOCO) larceny--safe entered by W/F,cash removed.
40 S Ryan-UUV/RUUV--vehicle recovered down street damaged.
72 Aldrich--larceny--orange & silver mountain bike stolen.
172 Ladner--loud party--1 arrest---Joseph Bialaszewski..criminal nuisance/disorderly conduct.
146 Seymour--crim mis--4 car tires slashed
15 Latona ct--viol of court order--suspect listed.
417 Fulton--harassment--1 arrest--Steven Cassenti..OConnell st
346 Hopkins--narcotics--1 arrest for crack pipe---Anthony Woodward...Electric ave --Lackawanna
110 Hopkins--RUUV
114 McCamley--harassment--suspect listed.
1 Cazenovia Pkwy--1 arrest---Nicholas D'Alessandro...S Park..lackawanna..for harassment
100 Dingens--susp person--1 arrest--Aaron Thomas...10 W Woodside..drugs

Thursdau August 20th

40 Geary-larceny--bike stolen
291 Seneca--crim mis/larceny from car----broken window on vehicle--garage remote stolen
347 Woodside--UUV
1176 South Park--Burglary--buisness enterd with code...monet stolen
197 S Legion--crim mis--window screen cut .
105 Arbour lane--Burglary--basement locked room entered--tools stolen
268 Miami--Burglary--purse stolen/jewelry stolen.
858 S park--1 arrest--poss of stolen property...Jerry Luce..warrant
76 Lockwood--crim mis--vehicle keyed and damaged.
356 Hopkins---Rec UUV
58 Remoleno--crim mis--1 arrest--Brian Jaglowski..Remoleno
169 Fleming--V&T/Drugs--2 arrests---George Richter..Arnold..Lackawanna...Kelly Sullivan...Metcalf

Friday August 21st

1570 S Park--Burglary--suspect listed.
2133 S Park--(NOCO) 1 arrrest for report from 8-19-09---Michelle Pinkowski..Gorski st
726 Exchange--crim mis/larceny from car--pass window broken--Alpine car stereo/tv monitor stolen
1620 S park--Fraud--credit card used without permission
71 Juniata --larceny---wallet stolen--suspect listed.
25 Kenefick--larceny--un-employment card stolen.
139 weaver---larceny--plates taken off vehicle--suspect listed.
567 Exchange--larceny--purse stolen from truck
96 Stevenson--public lewdness--suspect at this location exposing himself to neighbors.
1 Fulton--crim mis--damage to slot machine--suspect listed.
139 weaver--assault--1 arrest---Jospeh Smietana
Cazenovia Park--assault--victim attacked from behind---suspect listed

Saturday August 22nd

341 Cable--larceny--purse stolen off table in yard.
699 McKinley Pkwy--larceny--ex boyfriend stole several items.
556 Abbott--larceny--bike stolen
1028 McKinley--larceny--condiment center and lid shelf stolen
A District--1 arrest for assault---Juvenile suspect...victim assaulted with crowbar at Ludington/Greene--C District
111 Walter--threats--suspect listed.
44 Aldrich--assault----suspect listed.
114 Aldrich--threats--warrant card issued.
422 Louisianna--assault--suspect listed.
435 Bailey--threats witha knife---suspect listed.
A District--report of sexual abuse of a minor on Aldrich st--suspect listed.
286 Fillmore--1 arrest--drugs---Desmond Wakefield...Fillmore ave
Foot of Smith--2 arrests---Joel Jakubowski..Columbia Depew....Denise Bernardi...Fillmore ave...Patronizing a prostitute/Prostitution..drugs
565 Abbott--assault---1 arrest---Jennifer Backus Woodside ave
104 Fillmore--susp vehicle--2 arrests--DWI/Drugs --Patrica King...Alamo st....--Drugs,Patrick Byrne..Cemetary rd ..Belmont NY

Sunday August 23rd

302 Bailey--RUUV
2140 seneca---Burglary--apartment entered and damaged.
613 Fulton--stabbing--suspect listed.
942 McKinley(Advanced Auto Parts)---shoplifter--H/M stole several items and fled store.
1989 Seneca(TOPS)--shoplifters---stole meats.
65 stolen--suspect listed.
28 Kamper--larceny--money stolen--suspect listed.
206 Altruria---assault--1 arrest---Jamie Janinga
88 Weaver--RUUV
53 Armin--harassment--suspect listed.
268 Miami---Burglary from 8-20-09--1 arrest--Louie Rogers..Red Jacket st
118 Krakow--harassment--1 arrest---Gregory Guiga..Seneca/Kingston---Poss of forged instrument----Joseph Krempa...Huessy/N Ogden...fake $100 bills.
21 Alamo--susp person---2 arrests---Marylou Umar,Malik Taylor Obructing officers/disorderly conduct....Alamo st
57 Zittel--harassment--1 arrest---Joseph Ray

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