Thursday, August 27, 2009

Your Bingo Money at Work

Nobody likes neighborhood gossip, except me of course. Looks like some financial irregularities were going on over at St. Teresa's (on Seneca St.). So let me get this straight. We put thousands of dollars in cash in front of parish priests and then tell them they're not allowed to drink, gamble, or have sex. And we're surprised when this stuff starts happening why???
Some of the greatest men I've ever met have been priests. I feel bad for these particular priests because they do great work.Then, there were some that I and many others could see right through. I don't know the people involved in this case. They very well could be innocent. Perhaps there was no wrongdoing. Time will tell.
In the meantime, the diocese has asked me to hear confessions over at St. Teresa's until the matter is resolved. We will have live music on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-5 PM followed by jugglers, folk dancing,a tai bo class, and then the confessions. Believe me, we will get things turned around over there in no time.

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