Wednesday, August 26, 2009

crime stats 8/17-8/23

Monday August 17th
South Park/Trowbridge--man with a gun---1 arrest---Michael McCrayer....Dartmouth ave--poss of weapon,menacing,drugs.
62 Good--larceny--blak murray bike stolen
2389 Seneca--UUV
103 Weimar--Burglary--cash stolen.
431 Abbott--larceny--CD's stolen from car.
155 Bailey--shoplifters--2 B/M's did steal berr/food--fled in tan van NY reg CGV-676
1111 Fuhrman--crim mis/larceny from car---window broken--GPS stolen.
47 Shenandoah--larceny--purse stolen from car
88 Fields--larceny--IPOD stolen from car.
59 Pries--larceny--money order taken from nightstand
1929 Clinton--larceny--money removed from purse while at Library
34 Alleghany--larceny--laptop stolen.
60 Richfield--larceny--Girls 20" huffy bike & helmet stolen from hall
Marilla st--RUUV
West Seneca Pd--man on Buffalo warrant--1 arrest
86 Troupe--crim mis--bleach thrown at wall--suspect listed.
85 Hayden--larceny--credit card used without permission--1 arrest---Stephen Boylin..
26 Glendhu--crim mis--broken items in house--suspect listed.
78 Kimberly--ID Theft
1450 Seneca--susp vehicle--2 arrest--marijuana--Michelle Turton..Hansen dr....Krystal Piatek Benson..West Seneca
Seneca/Duerstein--2 arrests--Dis con---James Boyer..Duerstein...Brian Szpadell Nugget ave ..Cheek
Tuesday August 18th
46 Densmore--crim mis/larceny from car--door damaged--IPOD stolen
240 Scott--crim mis/larceny from car--window broken--GPS stolen.
519 S Division--larceny--2 bikes stolen from garage
412 Louisianna---crim mis--brike thrown thru rear window.
Louisianna/S park--1 arrest--David Tyes..Newburgh St..marijuana
117 Norman--assault--warrant card issued.
325 Louisianna--harassment---suspect listed2140 Seneca--1 arrest---Sean Darling.....Obstruction/Resisting arrest.
22 Leaminton--threats--1 arrest---Jason Shaul300 Fulton--assault--1 arrest---Clyde Hightower
Wednesday August 19th
105 Riverview---Burglary--entry thru rear window--cash stolen.
215 Scoville--Burglary--while victim was out of town .rear door entry---whole house of items stolen.
827 S Division--Burglary--rear door pryed open---50" TV,Dell computer,playstation stolen...posible suspect listed.
2199 Seneca--larceny--$400 removed from ATM without victims permission.
150 Peabody--larceny--Mongoose--BMX bike stolen
2133 South Park--(NOCO) larceny--safe entered by W/F,cash removed.
40 S Ryan-UUV/RUUV--vehicle recovered down street damaged.
72 Aldrich--larceny--orange & silver mountain bike stolen.
172 Ladner--loud party--1 arrest---Joseph Bialaszewski..criminal nuisance/disorderly conduct.
146 Seymour--crim mis--4 car tires slashed
15 Latona ct--viol of court order--suspect listed.
417 Fulton--harassment--1 arrest--Steven Cassenti..OConnell st
346 Hopkins--narcotics--1 arrest for crack pipe---Anthony Woodward...Electric ave --Lackawanna
110 Hopkins--RUUV
114 McCamley--harassment--suspect listed.
1 Cazenovia Pkwy--1 arrest---Nicholas D'Alessandro...S Park..lackawanna..for harassment
100 Dingens--susp person--1 arrest--Aaron Thomas...10 W Woodside..drugs
Thursdau August 20th
40 Geary-larceny--bike stolen
291 Seneca--crim mis/larceny from car----broken window on vehicle--garage remote stolen
347 Woodside--UUV
1176 South Park--Burglary--buisness enterd with code...monet stolen
197 S Legion--crim mis--window screen cut .
105 Arbour lane--Burglary--basement locked room entered--tools stolen
268 Miami--Burglary--purse stolen/jewelry stolen.
858 S park--1 arrest--poss of stolen property...Jerry Luce..warrant
76 Lockwood--crim mis--vehicle keyed and damaged.
356 Hopkins---Rec UUV
58 Remoleno--crim mis--1 arrest--Brian Jaglowski..Remoleno
169 Fleming--V&T/Drugs--2 arrests---George Richter..Arnold..Lackawanna...Kelly Sullivan...Metcalf
Friday August 21st
1570 S Park--Burglary--suspect listed.
2133 S Park--(NOCO) 1 arrrest for report from 8-19-09---Michelle Pinkowski..Gorski st
726 Exchange--crim mis/larceny from car--pass window broken--Alpine car stereo/tv monitor stolen
1620 S park--Fraud--credit card used without permission
71 Juniata --larceny---wallet stolen--suspect listed.
25 Kenefick--larceny--un-employment card stolen.
139 weaver---larceny--plates taken off vehicle--suspect listed.
567 Exchange--larceny--purse stolen from truck
96 Stevenson--public lewdness--suspect at this location exposing himself to neighbors.
1 Fulton--crim mis--damage to slot machine--suspect listed.
139 weaver--assault--1 arrest---Jospeh Smietana
Cazenovia Park--assault--victim attacked from behind---suspect listed
Saturday August 22nd
341 Cable--larceny--purse stolen off table in yard.
699 McKinley Pkwy--larceny--ex boyfriend stole several items.
556 Abbott--larceny--bike stolen
1028 McKinley--larceny--condiment center and lid shelf stolen
A District--1 arrest for assault---Juvenile suspect...victim assaulted with crowbar at Ludington/Greene--C District
111 Walter--threats--suspect listed.
44 Aldrich--assault----suspect listed.
114 Aldrich--threats--warrant card issued.
422 Louisianna--assault--suspect listed.
435 Bailey--threats witha knife---suspect listed.
A District--report of sexual abuse of a minor on Aldrich st--suspect listed.
286 Fillmore--1 arrest--drugs---Desmond Wakefield...Fillmore ave
Foot of Smith--2 arrests---Joel Jakubowski..Columbia Depew....Denise Bernardi...Fillmore ave...Patronizing a prostitute/Prostitution..drugs
565 Abbott--assault---1 arrest---Jennifer Backus Woodside ave
104 Fillmore--susp vehicle--2 arrests--DWI/Drugs --Patrica King...Alamo st....--Drugs,Patrick Byrne..Cemetary rd ..Belmont NY
Sunday August 23rd
302 Bailey--RUUV
2140 seneca---Burglary--apartment entered and damaged.
613 Fulton--stabbing--suspect listed.
942 McKinley(Advanced Auto Parts)---shoplifter--H/M stole several items and fled store.
1989 Seneca(TOPS)--shoplifters---stole meats.
65 stolen--suspect listed.
28 Kamper--larceny--money stolen--suspect listed.
206 Altruria---assault--1 arrest---Jamie Janinga
88 Weaver--RUUV
53 Armin--harassment--suspect listed.
268 Miami---Burglary from 8-20-09--1 arrest--Louie Rogers..Red Jacket st
118 Krakow--harassment--1 arrest---Gregory Guiga..Seneca/Kingston---Poss of forged instrument----Joseph Krempa...Huessy/N Ogden...fake $100 bills.
21 Alamo--susp person---2 arrests---Marylou Umar,Malik Taylor Obructing officers/disorderly conduct....Alamo st
57 Zittel--harassment--1 arrest---Joseph Ray

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