Monday, August 24, 2009

Please help me promote blog

I'd just like to ask that you bookmark this site and forward it to your friends in your address book. Sites like this spread through word of mouth. I really have no money to spend on advertising. I truly enjoy blogging and commenting on current events. I like all the comments I've received (even the negative ones).

I am looking for advertisers for the blog. If you know someone who runs a business that depends on word of mouth advertising (ie. landscaping, roofing, snow removal, etc.). I don't care if they sell stolen property out of their car. Send them my way! (For all of you politically correct people out there, that was just a joke.) If they have a website or even a phone number to plug, I can put them on here. Because my site is new, I will do it at a very affordable rate.

The way this site looks now will probably be much different than the way it will appear in the future. I welcome all suggestions with the exception of "drop dead Mike!" Thanks again, and here is the link if you'd like to copy and past it to send in an email:

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