Sunday, August 16, 2009

South Buffalo Soccer Club

There weren't that many interesting stories in today's paper. I didn't notice any pictures from the S Bflo News or Metro Community News worthy of scanning. Maybe, we'll all get lucky and the leaders will stop putting dumb pictures of themselves in print, thus unintentionally providing me with material.

I just wanted to take the time to mention Tom and Jean Finn and the work they do with the South Bflo Soccer Club. They've been running the organization for about eight years in addition to raising their six children. You wouldn't believe the amount of phone calls and emails they get. They provided great leagues this summer for children ages 4-16. Tom is always there to help the girl's travel teams also , especially in disputes involving Red (just kidding). Almost every night of their summer is booked with soccer events and games for the Finn family. I think sometimes people take what they do for granted. If they didn't run this stuff, it ends or gets taken over by overzealous people with limited soccer experience. I've seen it happen before. The group that suffers is the participants because they are given an inferior product. Tom never takes a break. He goes right to being the referee assigner for the catholic grammar school in the fall. So, congratulations to Jean and Tom. They might be the first people ever mentioned in a positive story on this blog.

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