Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Thoughts From the Ghetto-Volume 2

-I don't care whether it's at an amusement park or the local mall, it's always funny when you see a child connected to their parents with one of those "kid leashes". Fast forward 25 years when the kid is sitting on a couch talking to a psychiatrist, "Well, then you see my mother put this rope around my neck when we were at the Galleria Mall food court and everyone began to stare at me...

-A woman (I refuse to repeat her name) recently started a rumor via the Metro Community News that everything at Cazenovia Park would soon be moved over to the Hopkins St. area. I don't know why she felt the need to broadcast this but I'm sure it is untrue. Everyone loves Caz Park and there are no plans that I'm aware of to move anything. It is centrally located and a beautifully designed Olmstead Park. This is the same woman who wrote to the Metro Community News last December to thank the local politicians for being so "generous" to her group. Her "group" consists of about three people. I can't believe any of our tax money is given to this person.

-I was surprised to see this week's hurricane was named Bill. Usually, they are given crazy names like Ike, Hugo, or Gustavo. In fact, I might be wrong but the last normal name I can remember for a hurricane was hurricane David in 1980. I'm still wondering why they give hurricanes people names in the first place.

-I send out the crime reports every week from the South District police station. Every week, I see that people's inspection stickers are getting stolen from the inside of their cars. I can't think of a more despicable crime. These people should get 10 years in jail... Come to think of it, my inspection is overdue and I don't think my car will pass the emissions test. Does anyone know where I can get one of those stickers?

-Something else that's always funny is when you see someone wearing a neck brace. If you're like me, you instantly think they might be wearing it to fake an injury in an effort to win a settlement. I think this originates from the Brady Bunch episode where Mr. Brady dropped the briefcase in court, which made the plaintiff quickly turn his head, thus exposing his evil plot.

-Speaking of the Brady Bunch, I still can't believe Mr. Brady was a homosexual in real life. In fact, he and Rock Hudson were two actors always given patriarchal roles in everything they did. Both were gay. Mr. Brady gave everyone a clue during the two part Hawaii episodes (where Greg almost died while surfing). In one part, he had normal hair. In the other, he had this crazy perm. This was not so much a hairdo as it was a plea for help. Looking back now in hindsight, was anyone really that surprised?


  1. Where does one go to find the weekly crime reports from the South District station?
    I would be interested in seeing that on the blog.

  2. I'll start posting them on here. thank you for the good idea. if you want to send me an email address, i can add you to the list also. if not, i understand. i'll try and post them here.

  3. I tried copying and pasting them here. The website wouldn't allow it. if you have an email address, i forward them every week to a group that requests them. if not, i understand. i'll also try to figure out a way to get them on here.