Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wild Turkeys

There is so much wildlife close to the city. I am always looking for it. Please be careful when driving as I see deer all the time in places you wouldn't expect. I also see coyotes and turkey. Haven't seen a bear yet but I have a feeling that day is coming soon. Today, I saw 5 or 6 wild turkeys behind a veterans post on Electric Avenue in Blasdell. You can't tell from the video but these turkeys were huge and very fast. It was neat to see how they quickly disappear into the woods when they sense danger. I knew I could drive up very close to them with my reporter's camera rolling. Sorry about the grainy footage. If you click the icon on the bottom right corner of the video, you will be able to see it on the full screen.

As soon as I can afford one, I will be purchasing a real video camera. So, if you work for the city or the Buffalo Board of Education, don't be surprised if you have a visiter outside of your suburban home when you come home from work someday. I can film turkeys going into their houses in Amherst, West Seneca, Hamburg, etc. as easily as I can film turkeys going into the woods in Blasdell...

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