Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another day at South Park

South Park High School has apparently added mixed martial arts to it's list of 2011 Spring varsity sports. Looks like Superintendent Williams will be taking another student out to dinner at the Buffalo Chophouse soon...

South Park student charged with assaults

A student at South Park High School was arrested Monday for allegedly assaulting another student and the school’s assistant principal, Buffalo police said.

The 16-year-old jumped from her seat on the third floor of the high school, knocking Assistant Principal Orniece Hill out of her chair, police said. Hill suffered injuries to her hips and right arm.

After knocking Hill our of her chair, the student punched and pulled the hair of another student, police said. The student is charged with second-degree assault and harassment.

Will the parent of the arrested teen sue the assistant principal? After all, her daughter may have injured her elbow while jumping out of her chair to assault her...

South Park student charged with assaults - Police Blotter - The Buffalo News


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