Saturday, April 2, 2011

Keep it real

Councilmember Darius Pridgen obviously doesn't want to give the City Grille reward money to community activist Darnell Jackson. Amid threats, he has decided to pull a "Pontius Pilate" and allow the Buffalo Police brass to decide who gets the money. From WGRZ...

Reverend and Buffalo City Councilmember Darius Pridgen, who made the initial offering in the days following the incident, said he's received threatening phone calls demanding that he release the $15,000.

Pridgen held a news conference Friday afternoon to say he will leave it to the authorities to decide who will get the cash; a decision that does not sit well with community activist Darnell Jackson. Jackson helped orchestrate the eventual surrender of Riccardo McCray and says he's entitled to the money.

I think it was disingenuous of Pridgen to shirk his responsibility with the reward. Whatever you might think of Darnell Jackson, he did bring the man in. After listening to Jackson at the end of this clip, I have to say he makes more sense than Pridgen. He should have been a lawyer. He's much quicker on his feet than the journalists here. I like when he calls the Channel 2 reporter "indignant" and tells him to "keep it real". He also says, this is why you can never trust preachers or politicians. I happen to agree with him on that. In a fair compromise, I think the authorities should give the reward money to me!...

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