Monday, April 18, 2011

The empty suit

Deputy Mayor Byron Brown's publicity stunt of the week is brought to you by Siegel, Kelleher, and Kahn (or whatever two of them are still on speaking terms). Come on, Urkel! I know you read this blog on a daily basis. As you should. With me being God's gift to the written word and all .

But come on! We're the 2nd poorest city in America. Those were 400 Western New Yorkers who lost real jobs at Quad Graphics in Depew yesterday. They'll all be leaving for the Carolina's tomorrow and you're talking about an orange free lobby in city hall. Are you serious? Show some real leadership for once in your life and do something, loser. You're tenure as mayor has been a downright embarrassing one so far...

Mayor Declares City Hall Lobby "No Orange Zone" |


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