Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chippewa St. racism

A Chippewa Street bar is accused of closing at 11PM because the crowd was mostly black...

The management of 4Play nightclub, 45 W. Chippewa St., told party promoter Devon Jones that more white people needed to come to the club by 11 p. m. or the mostly black crowd would be kicked out, Jones said.

This is the strangest part of the story...

Jones said the bar’s owner approached him at about 10:15 p. m., claiming there was a previous agreement that 50 percent of the bar’s patrons would be white, and the other 50 percent black. Jones said he had made no such arrangement.

How did that conversation go?

Owner:"Hey, This crowd don't look white to me. We had an agreement, didn't we?"

Jones:"Yes. The honkies will be here shortly. Don't worry."

Owner: "Well, they better be here by 11:00PM or we're shutting down."

Jones: "Some are still at the Sabres game and others are checking their stock portfolios. They'll be here."

How do you talk about the racial makeup of a group without getting into trouble? If a bunch of Korean people showed up to the bar at the last minute, would that have changed things?

You can't kick law abiding people out of a business because of their color. I have a feeling there are two sides to this story. We've heard what the promoter said. It will be interesting to see what the owners have to say...

Nightclub accused of bias in ending party - City & Region - The Buffalo News

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