Thursday, April 7, 2011

Angry white men

Funny stuff: The mayor and the police chief in this small Ohio town want you to come down and enjoy their weekly music festival. Unless you wear Goth clothing, have piercings, or are from the city of Akron...

Cuyahoga Falls is all aflutter over a proposed 8:00 p.m. curfew for anyone under 18. Proponents say that the riverfront area has become a meeting ground for the dreaded undesirables. Loitering kids are hanging out under bridges, and that, friends, calls for drastic action.

Mayor Don Robart is particularly worried about a couple of things: goth kids and piercings. He also may or may not want you to get off his lawn and turn down your hippity-hop music.

VIDEO Cuyahoga Falls Police Argue Curfew Will Help Halt 'Drug Deals' and 'Gang-Related Activity' Alo

If you come down to the river,
Bet you gonna find some people who live.
You dont have to worry cause you have no money,
People on the river are happy to give...

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