Thursday, April 21, 2011

Letters to the editor: downsizing

I agree with this letter writer from West Seneca about the need for Western New York to have significantly less politicians "representing" us...

Too many politicians for falling population
Reading The News coverage of the recent census figures has been frustrating in more ways than one. Not only have local leaders failed to stop Erie County’s population loss, they have failed while someone like Kevin Gaughan has been offering ways to reverse our decline. We’ve all become familiar with Gaughan’s research that shows Western New York has a bloated number of elected officials. His statistics would be eye-opening even if we were a growing area. But in the last decade, Erie County lost more people than any other county in New York State. Yet we still have an overload of politicians. Gaughan’s solution of streamlining local governments and the State Legislature is right. His downsizing successes have saved local taxpayers money, and if he can do the same thing with the Legislature, we’ll all benefit. There are areas all over America that face the same difficulties of climate and geography that we do. But they’re growing while we’re dying. The only difference is that those successful areas don’t bear the cost of multiple governments, and the large number of politicians that come with them. Karen Ryan West Seneca

When you hear these political types talking about the potential to lose "representation" it is laughable. In fact, the only people speaking out for more of these clowns are the clowns themselves, their staff members, and the respective family members. Why would they want to get rid of the golden goose? The rest of us aren't served by them at all.

Do you think people like Tim "Hortons" Kennedy or Tim "Einstein" Whalen significantly affect your life in any way, shape, or form? Believe me, you and I would do just fine without them. They bring less than nothing to the table. If it means getting rid of political hacks like these two, please, do us all a favor and give us less representation.

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