Thursday, April 14, 2011

Publicity stunt

I don't think it's too much of an oversimplification to say that the mayor of Buffalo blows. Seriously. Has this man tackled one serious issue since he's been in office? In this clip, he talks like a robot that's low on batteries.

This WIVB story is about one of those annoying bets with the mayor of the opposing team (in this case Philadelphia). How original. I can't stand New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. However, I have to admit he made me laugh a few years ago. Mayor Brown tried to initiate one of these stupid, feel good bets when the Sabres were playing the New York Islanders. Bloomberg's office tersely responded by saying, "Thanks anyway, but we're too busy actually running a city to take part in your contrived publicity stunt."
Michael Bloomberg Cannot Be Bothered With Your 'Hockey'

I have to admit, this year's bet is a little more interesting than than those in years past. Instead of chicken wings and Philly cheese steak, it involves an act of community service. Apparently, if the Sabres lose, Brown has agreed to perform his son's next court-ordered community service sentence with him (wearing a Flyers hat) I think it's great when families take part in things together...

Philly, Buffalo mayors bet on playoffs:

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