Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Buffalo schools could be state run soon

It looks like some career politicians are calling for the state to take over the Buffalo Public Schools...

Hoyt said Tuesday that he is researching the possibility of a state takeover of the district.

"I am fed up with the leadership in the district and the leadership of the board," Hoyt wrote in an e-mail. "I believe that both the superintendent and the board have shown an inability to seriously address the crisis facing our inner-city youth."

Isn't it nice that a man chasing around 21 year old interns in Albany for 20 years, now fancies himself as an expert on education? Hoyt, who'd be stocking shelves at WalMart had his father not been Assemblyman Bill Hoyt, is clearly in the pocket of the charter school lobby. But if their plan calls for the removal of Superintendent Williams and the entire Board of Education, I have to say I'm all for it.

The Superintendent has been a major disappointment and the Board is too busy looking up pornography on district issued laptops to get anything done. They should all be removed starting with Ralph Pornandez and Pinocchio Petrucci.

At the end of this clip, Hoyt continues his role as paid spokesperson for the charter schools by saying, "There is strong evidence that the state is finally getting it's act together." It's about time, loser. You've only been in Albany for 20 years. Someone needs to pull the hook on this bozo...


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