Thursday, April 14, 2011

More turmoil in Buffalo public schools

I agree with much of what Buffalo News writer Rod Watson said in today's column, regarding the lack of leadership at the Board of Education. However, I think the students and their parents need to also be held more accountable...

Superintendent James A. Williams, for instance, told WKBW-TV that the educational system is designed to force kids to drop out and was never designed to educate blacks—as if his $223,372 hands are tied.

What is that even supposed to mean? How does a school system differentiate amongst races? I think poor children (white and black) are given a great opportunity in this country, that many simply do not take advantage of. I've seen kids of various colors apply themselves in class and achieve great success. There is no substitute for hard work.

A parents group is considering pulling all of their kids out of class on May 16th in what they are calling a "day of change." I don't blame them for being frustrated. However, I think the first thing the district should try to do is restore order in the classrooms. I'm in different schools every day and I can verify that the behavior of some of the students is appalling. There are great kids at every school, too. However, there are students who continuously disrupt the educational process and make it very difficult for the teachers to reach the rest of the class. Watson seems like an open minded guy. I'd like to hear his take on what needs to be done to get these students to comply...

Time to rally around city’s school kids - Rod Watson - The Buffalo News



  1. You can't always blame the parents. Sometimes the parents are doing everything they can and don't have the money for private school. They need to start by seperating the students based on parental involvement so the students whose parents are trying their hardest and the students who are merely products of their own enviroment. Also as a parent who was involved and has a child with behavioral problem that is adhd related and opted to have the child put in a program for children with behavioral needs (and social needs), can you please stop saying it's because of the parents! I use behavioral intervention at home and have tried everything but meds, the program I have my son in requires parent involvement. So we aren't all lazy parents who let our kids eat candy and junk all day, while allowing them to dictate the rules.

  2. I'm not even talking about the classes with known behavioral problems. I'm talking about the regular classes. As a parent who actually cares, you represent the minority. The only time most teachers hear from the parents is when they show up to complain about things. Who else should I blame? Who do you think the students learn their ridiculous behavior from? I was at school #27 the other day. Those kids acted like savages.