Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So what

The annual "South Buffalo Get Together" will be this Saturday, April 9th at the Iron workers Hall in of all places,West Seneca. I invite my readers to attend and try to find the five people there who actually still live in South Buffalo...

This year’s contest in coordination with the release of the song, “South Buffalo” will seek to determine which street is South Buffalo was the best street to grow up on. Nominations in the form of an essay not to exceed 100 words will be accepted until Friday April 6th and can be sent via e-mail to the South Buffalo Fresh Air Club at or mailed to SB Fresh Air Club, 86 Woodview Drive Buffalo NY 14127.

So, where is Woodview Drive? There certainly isn't a Woodview Drive in South Buffalo. And the event itself? Held in West Seneca. Of course it is. Please spare me the emails about how this event will benefit the South Buffalo Community Table. Everyone knows what it's about. It's a chance for the Brian Higgins worshipers to get together in their plaid skirts and khaki pants and talk about how their kids just got accepted into Nichols. They'll network with other like minded bores and talk about the good old days. If these posers love South Buffalo so much, why don't they move back there? I think what happens is this type moves away from the old neighborhood and finds out their new neighbors aren't that impressed with them. They long for the love and attention of their simple minded little cliques. Sorry! Blogger's not impressed. Enjoy your night!

So what I'm still a rock star I got my rock moves And I don't need you And guess what I'm havin more fun And now that were done I'm gonna show you tonight I'm alright I'm just fine And you're a tool so So what I am a rock star I got my rock moves And I don't want you tonight

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  1. 14127 is Orchard Park....

    And I live on Downing and I'll be DAMNED if I go.

    But you will see me at the Kearns event standing all by myself because the people I know can't go because they're affiliated with Brown in some way, shape or form. AHEM, part-time political hack...