Friday, April 8, 2011

Future unemployed social worker

A student at Newfane High School was suspended for refusing to wear shoes to class. She is taking part in collecting shoes for poor African children in a cause that also called for participants to spend Tuesday barefoot (to see what it is like.)...

On Monday Nicolette advised her school Principal that she would be coming to classes sans shoes the next day.

"He was not okay with it," she told 2 On Your Side, in confirming that the Principal warned her not to come to school in bare feet because doing so violated health standards, ...and that if she did so she could face suspension.

Nicolette decided to put her foot down and, defying the order given her, showed up at school without shoes anyway.

WTF! You don't live in Africa, kid. You live in Newfane. I've been to Newfane. I've been to one of the diners there. I think Nicholette got her idea to not wear shoes from some of the locals, although I'm not sure they were trying to save African children.While I admire your efforts to save the world, look where it got these guys...

Went Barefoot To Help "One Day Without Shoes" |

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