Friday, April 22, 2011

Of mace and men

Donn Esmonde of the Buffalo News showed his true colors once again with his column today. He takes the side of the anti war protester who was maced by an NFTA police officer. Watch the video at the end of this story and decide for yourself. The agitators live up to their name by almost inciting a riot. Their protest was supposed to be a peaceful one against M&T Bank executives (which I would normally agree with). However, it quickly turned against the police, who were simply trying to do their jobs and did not appear to be provoking them.

The civilian in question was clearly out of hand and resisting. If you read Esmonde's crap and don't watch the video, you would think the police were the aggressors. I've come after the police in certain stories where I feel they were wrong, but not this one. The mob outnumbered the police and began berating them and interfering with their efforts to control the protest. I love how Esmonde tries to justify the behavior of these aggressive, foul mouthed, troublemakers...

To be fair, this was not a crowd of flower-power hippies. The demonstrators— although philosophically nonviolent— were verbally confrontational to the cops, who represent the government whose policies they were protesting.

That's exactly where Esmonde and the protesters are wrong. The police might work for the government but that doesn't mean they "represent" or endorse all the policies of the government. Some of them might even agree with what the protesters were protesting. However, it was their job to make sure all the rules were followed. Just listen to the language of these protesters. Come on, losers. You're in your 30s, 40s, and even older. Grow up! You were clearly looking for a fight with the police. Don't cry to the media because you got one. If you lived in other countries you would have been shot or sprayed with water cannons for simply speaking out against the government. Continue fighting for peace, but don't start riots while doing it. Esmonde, you suck. Why the hell do you spell your first name with two N's anyway?

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