Sunday, April 17, 2011

Restaurant review: Bozanna's Pizza

This is one in a series of restaurant reviews from a good friend of mine who wishes to remain in the shadows. Please invite us to your restaurant and we will post the review here. A free meal is worth at least one letter grade. Seriously, I'm not picky, but my friend, who is known simply as the ninja, loves to eat and takes his dining experiences very seriously. The ninja likes his food the same way he likes his women: Hot,cheap, and greasy.

Today, we went to Bozanna's Pizza in Clarence. The Ninja had heard good reports from one of his associates and wanted to find out firsthand. When we got there, the first thing we realized was there wasn't much seating. Then, I had to tap a kidney. Only one problem. No bathroom. We realized we weren't at Salvatore's Italian Gardens, but come on! So we ordered our food and then walked next door to a local market to use the facilities.

We ordered a medium pizza, a dozen chicken wings, and some bottled soda. (We're on a health kick). The guys at the counter were really nice and down to earth. I enjoyed listening to the back and forth banter between them and the ninja. The chicken wings were great. We ordered them hot. They were very tasty. The pizza was not as thin as we were expecting. We both thought there was too much pepperoni and not enough sauce. The cheese was very good and I like the fact that there was a lot of it. Overall, the pizza was not bad but not in the same league as South Buffalo's Imperial Pizza, for example. The ninja likes his pop cold and gets thoroughly frustrated when a restaurant tries to sell warm, flat, or non-carbonated soft drinks. The pop at Bozanna's was ice cold, much to the ninja's delight.

Overall, the ninja liked Bozanna's but prefers thin, greasy pizza. It was a nice neighborhood spot with what he described as "an acquired taste". The workers were really friendly and outgoing, the wings were great, but the pizza was pretty average. The ninja gave it a B.


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