Sunday, August 1, 2010

Byron Brown, Jr. arrested again

Byron Brown, Jr. doesn't get into trouble. Trouble just seems to keep finding him. We have confirmed reports from our city hall source ( the S. Buffalo rooster) that Brown was arrested Saturday at the A.J. Wright store on Delaware Ave. for shoplifting. Deep throat received this information from a respected member of local law enforcement.

We haven't heard yet from the mayor but we're sure he'll say "It's a family issue. Please respect our right to privacy" or "I was completely unaware this was going on" followed by "We are waiting for all of the facts to come out before we jump to any conclusions" and finally "We are going to get him the counseling he needs."

How about this? Your son is just spoiled and thinks he is above the law. I can't imagine where he gets it from (????). City Honors High School must be so proud. No comment yet from all the South Buffalo political hacks who kiss up to Brown on a regular basis (see CEO Dave Comerford, "East Aurora" Jim Comerford, Ray McGurn, "Lying" Lou Petrucci,Paul Sullivan, Pat Lewis, and Jeff "I swear I'm a former Councilmember" Conrad).

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