Sunday, January 10, 2010

crime stats 12/28-1/03

Police should consider putting substations at Duerstein and Trowbridge St. since they get called to both every other day.

Monday Dec 28th

25 Lorraine--Home Invasion---2 unk W/M's did force way into hose tied victim up and took cash and lottery tickets.
Seneca/Elk--larceny--neon green lawnboy snowblower stolen from bed of pickup truck.
170 Stevenson--crim mis/larceny from a car---pass window broken--Tom Tom GPS stolen.
212 Stevenson--crim mis/larceny from a car--drivers window broken..Tom Tom GPS stolen.
54 South st--threats/viol order of protection--suspect listed.
6 Yale apt#3--harassment--suspect listed.
81 Seminole --threats--suspect listed.
365 Hopkins--crim mis--tow truck damaged canopy.
318 Holly---Assault

Tuesday Dec 29th

155 Bailey(NOCO)--shoplifting--1 arrest--Alaric L Santiago...Como.
147 Whitehall--larceny---1 arrest---Brandon Krause
115 Pries--crim mis/larceny from a car--drivers window broken---DVD navigation system,DVD's,8" tv stolen.
91 Amber--crim mis/larceny from a car--drivers window broken..JVC CD player stolen.
Cigars Bar--larceny--meds taken from purse while at the bar.
63 Kingston--Burglary--door kicked ,various household items stolen.
1220 Clinton--threats--suspect listed.
1111 Fuhrman--UUV
2426 S Park(Reckios)--Assault--suspects listed.
86 Milton--crim mis--sideview car mirror broken
1510 S Park--phone harassment--suspect listed.
Seneca/Cazenovia--Assault--victim attacked by 2 unk females.
17 Lester--threats--1 arrest---Michael Dorsaneo

Wednesday Dec 30th

48 Paul pl--crim mis--door damaged--1 arrest--Raphael Sanchez
48 Paul pl--threats--1 arrest--Raphael Sanchez
29 Duerstein--Assault--victim assaulted by B/M while at a party
196 Mackinaw--crim mis/larceny from a car--broken pass window--NYS Corrections uniform,clothing,change stolen.
12 Ramona--Fraud--James Snowplowing took $350.00 for snow plowing contract and has not plowed.
93 Leddy--larceny--IPOD stolen from purse in the office.
153 Ramona--Assist Probation--2 arrests--Phillip whelan..Drugs,Melanie Riggs...Wellington lane... Orchard Park.drugs
Foot of Smith--Shots Fired--Todd Komasara,Kasey Doner...Fairdale...Bflo...Drugs
356 Swan--crim mis--apartment damaged.
70 Weyand--threats--suspect listed.
289 Hamburg--threats with a knife--1 arrest---Brandon Ortiz...Kenefick
1960 Clinton--scam--customer did try to state he received not enough change and did make threats to employee.

Thursday Dec 31st

201 Maurice--larceny from a car---LG track phone,Tim Hortons gift card,cash stolen.
920 Abbott--larceny--necklace taken from tanning bed--suspect listed.
888 S Park--larceny--several items stolen from apartment.
171 Culver--larceny--JVC car stereo,change,IPOD,clothing stolen.
565 Abbott--larceny--1 arrest--Adam Villar...W Girard ,,Kenmore..stole drugs from Mercy Hospital.
340 Mystic--Burglary--screen cut,entry thru unlocked window---27" flat screen tv,PS3 game & 20 games.
70 Weyand--Burglary--suspect listed.
888 S Park--UUV
Seneca/Wildwood--1 arrest--DWI--Jason Boruszewski...E Center rd...West Seneca
8 Fields--Hit & Run--1 arrest--DWI...Jason Lukasiewicz..East End Bflo
207 Melrose--Assault
38 Hines--damage by tow truck.

Friday Jan 1st

42 St Stephens--Stabbing--victim stabbed by screwdriver--suspect H/M,6'0",short hair,maroon hoodie.
Euclid/S Park--1 arrest--Rollins Rodriguez..No Address---Obstructing the Police,Disorderly conduct.
42 Dundee--larceny from a car--bowling bag & ball,IPOD stolen.
42 dundee--crim mis to car--cigareete burns inside car in driveway.
852 S Park--Burglary--entry thru rear door with crow bar,22' flat screen monitor,wireless mouse stolen.
1617 S Park--Burglary--bedroom window broken--WII & games,Nintendo DS stolen.
145 Trowbridge--threats--suspect listed.
49 Kirkover-- 1 arrest--Drugs---Denise Szymanksi...Cayuga Creek.. Cheek.
16 Fairview---threats
64 Koester--crim mis--door and frame on car damaged by prying it open.
1323 S Park--Assault--suspect listed.
2338 Seneca--Assault
S Park/Dorrance--2 arrests--Lee Moore Jr...Germania,Floyd Young..Jones st..subjects were fighting and refused to stop.
167 Myrtle--Assault
29 Woodside--1 arrest--drugs---Luke Davidson.

Saturday Jan 2nd

54 Red Jacket st--Burglary--broken kitchen window--medication stolen.
1408 S Park--larceny--1 arrest-Kyle Russell..No Address
470 Southside--larceny--visa used without permission---suspect listed.
1460 S Park(TOPS)--shoplifter--1 arrest--Karen Walters...Apple st..lackawanna
75 Pulaski--Child Endangering--1 arrest---Candi Radowski
418 S Park--(Big Basha)--2 arrests--tresspassing--Carlos Rodgers...Chicago,Kisha Jackson..Perry st
176 Myrtle--Robbery/Assault--same victim as 1-1-10 for 167 Myrtle.Possible duplicate report.
162 Trowbridge---Assault from 12-22-09--1 arrest---Bryan Krytus
145 Trowbrdge---threats from 10-31-09--1 arrest--George Adymy..Cantwell rd
24 Norman--harassment--1 arrest---Jimmy Billups...Humphrey
54 Armin--threats
132 Altruria--threats
196 Cantwell--Crim mis--car entered,ignition damaged.
300 Dorrance--threats--suspect listed.
1925 S Park--Assault--suspect listed.

Sunday January 3rd

20 Matejko--Burglary--attempt--garage overhead door damaged.
2379 Seneca--threats--warrant card issued.
291 Willett--threats--suspect listed.
354 Abbott--crim mis--car tires damaged.
140 Coolidge--Assault--suspect assaulted staff member.

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