Friday, January 15, 2010

Cejka is Coming Back on the Air-Good Move by Channel 4

I'm glad they're letting Mike Cejka back on the air. If Scott Norwood can be forgiven in this town, so can Cejka. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. The guy is one of the few weathermen in WNY that presents the weather without trying to be a B level comedian.

I wish channel 4 would pull a "Pontius Pilot" and sacrifice Don Paul "the foul ball" for Cejka's misgiving. Cejka can be the Barabas that gets forgiven by the people and Paul can be taken off the airwaves indefinitely. As I said the first day it was reported, as long as Paul is at channel 4, Cejka's not even the weirdest guy in his own studio.

Cejka going back on the air Tuesday : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News


  1. What I heard, from a friend of a friend of the judge in Lockport, was that MC was having an affair with a MARRIED WOMAN, in a home close to/next door to the bike owner. The woman's husband works night shift, and is usually not home during the evening, when MC makes his visits... So, this particular evening, the man came home and chased after Cejka, who (and which your sources seem to confim) was dressed in an outfit meant to inspire passion (?!?!?!?) and he tried to HIDE next to the bike, under its tarp. Afraid to come out and get busted by the adulterer's husband, he was creeping around, waiting till the coast was clear... The bike owner saw the commotion, got suspicious, and know the rest. The rest they WILL print, just not the part about the cheating-on-your-spouses while geared up in wild costume, part. My friend asked me, "jeez! couldnt they be more discreet?!" and my answer was - "they prob. thought they WERE trying to be discreet...staying in her home, in her bed (and her husband's) just didnt end up the way they intended!" How about that for some news?!?!?! And, if it was DON PAUL in this scenario, instead of much funnier this would be!!

  2. Haha. Don Paul doesn't need a leather outfit to look like a stalker.

  3. Then why was he driving up & down the road, parked by the field, turned on a flashlight,and came directly to the motorcycle, lifted the fitted Harley cover (not a "tarp"). The "friend" is making up stories.