Thursday, May 19, 2011

Don't trust this guy

The sad part is, this idiot lawyer probably thinks the reason charter schools do so well is because of people like himself....

Some of Buffalo's lowest-performing schools should be turned into charter schools, a local attorney told the Common Council's Education Committee on Wednesday.

Such a move would provide more flexibility to bring needed "structural" change to the troubled schools, said Steven H. Polowitz, a co-founder of Tapestry Charter School.

Yes, Steven. The reason charter schools outperform traditional public schools has nothing to do with the fact they pick and choose which students to keep. If they have a student doing poorly or causing problems in class, they send them back to the public schools. Most people know the main objective of weasels like Polowitz has nothing to do with education and everything to do with profit. You're not fooling anyone Stevo. Stick to something you're good at(ie. chasing ambulances).



  1. Like picking and choosing students is a bad thing? All schools should have that ability - except for the designated garbage bin schools. With a self sorting public system, good students and students ready to learn are free from the dangerous and distracting students while the garbage bin concentrates the problem students for the system to assign special resources efficiently. Maybe add a higher level for students that routinely work to their capacity in an academic environment.

  2. I agree with you that bad students should be removed from good schools. however, it's unfair to compare schools that can do this (charter schools) to those who cannot (traditional public schools).

    Currently, people are blaming the teachers at the "garbage" schools, when in fact, they are getting the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the students.if they took all the good kids out and put them in public schools, those schools would do well,too(see DaVinci, City Honors, Olmstead 67, etc.) the crappy schools now are crappy because they're getting disrespectful kids from parents who don't care (many but not all.)

  3. Oh, it's unfair alright.... We're going to see a shipload of unfair during the deconstruction of education the next few decades. This mess can't be fixed by futzing around the edges and the dirty little secret is that the stakeholders do not include the customers. It'll take collapse to get us real reform and the perfect storm of governmental collapse is coming.

  4. you're right. i can't disagree with you on that one.

  5. how to make tapestry a successful charter?
    location: expensive neighborhood
    strategy: don't offer busing or lunches
    (If your parents can get you to school and feed you or you live an expensive neighborhood, you're halfway to success)
    and if all else fails send them back to the public school.

  6. Exactly. The sad part is guys like this really think they are innovative. They're educating kids from mostly stable homes and keeping out potential headaches. Then, he has the nerve to tell the people trying to teach the poor that they don't know what they're doing.The height of arrogance and pretentiousness.