Sunday, May 29, 2011

Assembly seat may be opening- Send in the clowns

Assemblyman Mark Schroeder no sooner announced his candidacy for City Comptroller when at least five people expressed interest in taking his job. The Blogger will be collecting resumes and conducting endorsement interviews in the coming weeks. He will also be putting political ads on this site (so get your check books out). I spoke to the South Buffalo Rooster at the Caz Carnival (AKA Scumfest) this weekend. Here are some people being pushed and a few pushing themselves:

Mickey Kearns- Probably sick of fielding complaints about potholes. With name recognition from his mayoral bid, Kearns would seem to be the early favorite. Odds 2:1

Lou "Pinocchio" Petrucci-
Never met a lie he didn't tell. Pinnocchio's puppet strings are pulled by the perennial political opportunist Ray "Wrong Turn" McGurn. Think about how many politicians I've covered on here. When I tell you that Lou's willingness to lie supercedes all others, that should really open up people's eyes and carry some weight. This man will lie about anything to anyone. It's no wonder people that don't even know me or my blog are starting to refer to him as Pinocchio. Just like Brian Davis, says here Lou is lying about his college degree. He talks a good game, but I don't think he has one. But as long as he's lying about everything else, he might as well lie about that, too.Was also a strong supporter of Andrew Cuomo against South Buffalo's Carl Paladino. A fact the Blogger will remind Carl (and his money) of. Should have been loyal, Pinocchio.Odds 2,500:1

Jeff Conrad- Pushing himself. Brian Higgins is not dumb enough to make the same mistake twice. Higgins obviously tapped the intellectually challenged Conrad for Councilman as a favor to one of Conrad's relatives a few years back. He knew he could control him, but doesn't want the inevitable headaches that would come out of Albany this time. If he were to anoint the Special Olympian this time, I'd have to say Higgins is dumber than I look. Conrad also was a strong supporter of Cuomo, convincing his supporters (all three of them) to vote against Carl Paladino. Bad move. Odds 100:1

Some guy named McGavis
- Don't know him. Think he's a member of Goin' South, which is all anyone really needs to know. Next. Odds 100:1

The insult dunk tank clown from the Caz Carnival- Has as much schooling as Petrucci and Conrad combined, and is at least as honest. Odds 25:1

Anyone interested in the position should come see the Blogger immediately. It would be a good idea to bring some Imperial pizza and kneel before thou and kiss my rings. I'm waiting. Send in the clowns...


  1. Mike, all my girls played in your leagues so I appreciate the work the work you do. I couldn't agree with you thoughts on Lou Petrucci, he is very condescending and often talks down to you. However I feel your impressions with Jeff Conrad are a bit off. I didn't know the guy until my one of my daughters started running track at Mercy this year. I've been in some parent meetings with him and he was very impressive. If it weren't for Jeff and young John Glose the school wouldn't have much of an athletic department to talk about, they are two very enthusiastic coaches and students really enjoy playing for them. I'm a personal friend of Mick and I would support Mick for any office, but I wouldn't mid supporting Jeff at all after meeting and talking with him regularly for the last 4 months.

    Keep up the good work with the leagues. My daughter is doing well at Mercy because of your leagues!!

  2. Mike,

    I'm not sure why you continue to attack Jeff Conrad on this site. Jeff is a good friend of mine and is one of the nicest people you will meet and one of most involved people in South Buffalo. The guy has been involved with the community doing numerous road races for charity and benefits for those who need help since we were young. He is at every charitable function this community has and even coaches in his spare time. You have called him intellectually challenged several times on this site and it couldn't be further from the truth. He is one of the smartest people I know. So instead of name calling why don't you show up to a South Buffalo event to get his thoughts on things.

  3. "He is one of the smartest people I know."

    You must not know too many people. Jeff shows up to these events because he's trying to promote himself. He's a resume builder.

    Here's a quick story that pretty much sums up Jeff's character. There was a meeting on whether to shut down or keep open the Caz Library. It was called by Mark Schroeder, who was the County Legislator at the time. Before the meeting, I told Jeff I was very much opposed to closing the library. Jeff told me he agreed 100% and said Schroeder was against it closing, too. I informed him that Schroeder was in favor of closing the library and building one new "super" library. When the meeting started, Conrad, after he had been coached by Schroeder, not only changed his mind. He stood up and spoke out in favor of closing the library! In fact, everyone who spoke out in favor of it, either worked for Schroeder or received funding from the County (Schroeder). I was embarrassed for Jeff. Please don't make this a thread about the libraries. My point is that Jeff will do or say anything to ingratiate himself to local politicians and make himself look good. He doesn't stand for anything.

  4. "If it weren't for Jeff and young John Glose the school wouldn't have much of an athletic department to talk about."

    Thank you for the kind words. I agree with you on John Glose. He's a great guy, excellent coach, and a good friend of mine. The difference between John and Jeff is that when faced with tough decisions, John will do what he thinks is right, not what he thinks will make him look the best.

  5. Aren't there any Keane's or Kane's looking for an easy Albany job? That's odd. Maybe Jiggins has a secret plan. Oh, and why is Bingo Sherader giving up that gravy train to become a number cruncher? I don't get it. Doesn't sound nearly as exciting as all the opportunities for graft and patronage that only Albany can provide.

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