Friday, May 13, 2011

Darnell wants his money

Instead of the full $15,000 reward for bringing in the City Grill shooter, the Erie County DA offered community activist Darnell Jackson $1,000. He has refused it and has hired a lawyer...

The community activist who arranged the peaceful surrender of City Grill shooter Riccardo M. McCray to police has rejected his $1,000 share of the $15,000 reward, describing the amount offered to him as pitiful.

Darnell Jackson says the Erie County District Attorney's Office should have given him all of the reward, which had been posted for the arrest and successful prosecution of the individual responsible for killing four people and wounding four others last summer outside the downtown nightspot.

"I got the man off the street. The man told me to bring him in," Jackson said. "I felt that the thousand dollars they offered me was an insult."

Why didn't the DA just say, "we're offering a $15,000 reward, unless we don't like you. Then, it's $1,000?" Obviously, law enforcement and the DA do not want to give Jackson anything. He arranged the surrender and should get the full reward. I don't blame him for hiring a lawyer. I'll be surprised if he loses the case.

Jackson spurns reward of $1,000 in McCray case


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