Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The spoiler

I'm sure Republicans are furious at Jack Davis' candidacy today. He might have cost Jane Corwin a victory, although I think her shrieking chief of staff and the incompetent Nick Longworthy were more of a factor.

I love the role of a spoiler. Without it, the two major parties become complacent and won't listen to the needs of the constituents. In fact, I'm watching with interest to see how the County Legislature redistricting process unfolds. If there's a competitive race between "Einstein" Whalen and someone from another neighborhood, I'd love to throw my independent hat in the ring. I'd love to hear Whalen's people talk about how smart he is. Same goes for Dave Franczyk. If the council makes my district into Fillmore, I'll do the same thing. Why support these entrenched politicians when they don't care about the everyday residents of their district? When I ran in 2001, I got 33% of the vote. A spoiler took 10%. I had no problem with that. He had every right to run, as do people like Davis...

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