Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Best sign ever

At the Buffalo Parents' Council protest, 3rd grade teacher Kimberly Kaliszewski holds a bit of a counter protest. Her sign sums up the behavior of many of the students (not all)in the lower performing schools: Stop making excuses! Parenting classes are available! Learning begins at home! Don't blame me!

So true. It's funny how you don't hear Sam Radford or the Reverend Darius Pridgen talk about the atrocious behavior the students at the lower performing schools exhibit on a daily basis. Talk to any teacher, principal, cafeteria worker, crossing guard, or custodian at any of these schools and you get the same response: The kids are used to getting everything for free. They show up with no school supplies (even though the government gives their parents money to buy them). They won't stay in their seats. They constantly demand, not ask, to go to the bathroom or get a drink. Many refuse to do their work. They are disrespectful towards adults and have zero discipline. Newsflash: This is the result of poor parenting, not a broken school system.

Nobody's been a bigger critic of the Buffalo Schools' administration than me. I believe there are too many administrators, living in the suburbs, scamming the system. However, how are poor graduation rates their fault when the students show up to class behaving like they currently do? This is not the teachers' or Dr. Williams' fault. This teacher holding the sign is 100% right.

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