Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Replace the entire school board

Some familiar faces were at the Buffalo Public Schools protest on Monday. "Pinocchio" Petrucci shows his support for the boycott by telling a channel 2 reporter that he sent his daughter to City Honors today. This is the exact stance people that have come to know the two-faced liar would expect.

Later in the segment, local activist Carl Paladino correctly reminds the reporter that the people protesting the schools continuously elect political yes-men like Petrucci. I guess you can say, you get what you pay for. If you elect an incompetent school board, you get under performing schools. If you're on the school board, I can tell you straight up. Do not believe a word Petrucci says. He lies and exaggerates so much, even he can't keep track of his lies.

Wasn't "Pinocchio" the one that leaked it to the media and accused Dr. Williams of calling the volunteer girls basketball coach at McKinley a lesbian in a closed meeting? That has nothing to do with this story, but since Lou is a liar, I thought I'd remind the people in city hall that he cannot be trusted. Ever...


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  1. Did you ever notice how Petrucci dresses and trys to talk like someone from North Buffalo?ahahaha