Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sweet little Ieshia

A 17 year old girl at Riverside High School points a fake gun at a police officer. Instead of talking about what a brat she is, everyone in the following article is talking about how "her rights were violated" and how the school "let her down." Think about this for a moment. Seriously?...

Iesia was allowed to return to school Friday, after a hearing officer found her guilty of struggling with Police Officer Valerie Stover-Kelly, who was trying to take her to the office.

Anthony Pendergrass, the family's attorney, said the school system violated the its own and state suspension procedures by failing to provide due process within a reasonable period of time. He also contends it should have done more to help Iesia.

"What happened is a travesty. To throw her life into an uproar like this is inexcusable and incomprehensible," he said.

It's so sad. I hope her feelings weren't hurt. What basically happened, according to the article was that sweet little Ieshia pointed a fake gun at a police officer who was trying to transport another unruly (notice a trend here?) student to the assistant principal's office...

Stover-Kelly, the student resource officer, and Daniel Ahern, a security guard, entered the hallway with a student they were escorting to the assistant principal's office.

Under cross-examination by Pendergrass, Stover-Kelly said she saw Iesia pointing and following her with the simulated, wooden rifle.

Returning several minutes later from the assistant principal's office and ignoring a JROTC instructor, Stover-Kelly confronted Iesia. Using profanity, she accused the girl of pointing the simulated rifle at her.

Stover-Kelly said her purpose was informational. "I informed her -- it was not a threat, it was information -- that the next time she pointed a gun at a police officer, [be] prepared to get shot," Stover-Kelly said she told the girl.

Iesia, using profanity back, said she did nothing wrong, asked the officer to leave her alone and turned away. Stover-Kelly then put her hands on the girl to take her to the principal's office.

In a matter of moments, Iesia was on the ground, handcuffed and placed under arrest. Ahern said Iesia "pulled and pushed" Stover-Kelly, leading to her arrest.

End of story. The police officer was right to come back and scold her for pointing a fake gun at her, while she was trying to do her job. The undisciplined student became belligerent and confrontational (I see it every day). Now, the whole thing is twisted and it is somehow the authority figure's fault for trying to instill discipline into the girl, who obviously lacked it.

The officer defended using profanity to a student. "There's no language that these kids don't hear every single day. I can use the same language they use at me," Stover-Kelly said. Later, she said cursing at teenagers "comes with the job."

Pendergrass said later that he found those remarks by Stover-Kelly, who is African-American, offensive. "I think it was a comment that said these black kids are to be spoken to in this way and was nothing other than a stereotypical view of these kids," he said.

It's time to get out your harps. The lawyer is blaming the school and the police officer for perpetuating a stereotype.Who is perpetuating the stereotype here? Sweet little Ieshia is a 17 year old single mother, who despite being a parent, is still causing trouble in high school. I don't feel bad for her. I feel bad for the good kid who has to sit next to her in class. Oh wait, if they have any sense, they've already moved to a better district to get away from angels like Ieshia. No disciplinary action should be brought against this cop. Ieshia and her stupid lawyer should be told to learn how to behave in public and forced to read my blog religiously for the next 10 years. Case dismissed...

Who do you blame when your kid is a brat
Pampered and spoiled like a Siamese cat?
Blaming the kids is a lion of shame
You know exactly who's to blame:
The mother and the father!...



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