Friday, May 13, 2011

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Wacko Jacko- has a $1.5 million dollar endorsement offer from Viagra

Jack Davis is on the Tea Party line for this month's Congressional race, however, the people in charge of the Tea Party are urging voters to vote for Jane Corwin. So how did Davis get on the line? From today's Buffalo News...

Tea New York, a force behind last year's Paladino campaign for governor, backed Corwin. But the Western New York Tea Party Coalition, affiliated with blogger and activist James Ostrowski, backed Davis.

The Davis campaign paid Ostrowski $51,500 for legal work aimed at getting the independent candidate on the ballot.

And while Ostrowski has insisted that he stayed out of his coalition's endorsement process, that's not how it looks to Russell, who said Davis "has paid tens of thousands of dollars to somebody to give him the endorsement."

Good for Ostrowski. Take as much money from these politicians as you can get. I, for one am glad Davis is running. The more third party candidates the better. Maybe one of the major parties will then wake up and actually look after the needs of the residents. I'll start holding my breathe now...

Tea party activists eager to disown Davis


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