Sunday, May 8, 2011

She was just sassing

We're finally starting to see everyday citizens pointing the finger where it belongs on the education crisis in the city of Buffalo: on the students and their parents themselves. Letters to the editor are finally being written on this subject, exposing what is really going on inside these buildings.

When cops crossed the line in Lancaster and West Seneca, I took the side of the citizens. In the case of 17 year Riverside High School student Ieshia Huffman, I have to side with the police officer. Of course, Buffalo News columnist Rod Watson doesn't see it this way. He thinks the police officer should have taken poor little Ieshia aside and given her a hug. My favorite part of these articles is when the News' writers (usually Donne Esmonde or Watson) throw in the one line grudgingly conceding the poor behavior of the students led to the problem...

No one’s pretending that cops are always dealing with Beaver Cleaver and Marcia Brady. The girl was wrong for pointing the fake rifle; ROTC should have taught her to treat every gun as if it’s loaded. She also was wrong for mouthing off and cursing instead of obeying; one would hope the program also instills more respect for authority.

But respect has to be earned.

Respect has to be earned? That's where most people would disagree. Kids in decent families are taught at a young age to respect police officers and teachers from the word go. In a previous article, Watson dismissed the disrespecting of adults by Buffalo schoolchildren as "sassing." This girl is a 17 year old single mother, still immature enough to be disruptive in school.

I've been very critical of Superintendent Williams as well as Phil Rumore on here. However, the biggest problem with the schools these days in Buffalo is not them or the teachers or the length of the school day. It's disruptive, disrespectful students and the adults that enable them (see Rod Watson and Donne Esmonde). I feel so bad for Ieshia that she had to listen to some curse words while she was trying to "sass" an authority figure.

Cops must set example, not dumb down


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