Monday, May 9, 2011

Is she serious?

I couldn't tell you anything about the three candidates vying for the Congressional seat in the 26th district. However, as quickly as Chris Lee chasing a transvestite in Washington, I can tell you Jane Corwin comes off as a liar. In her literature and fundraising documents, Corwin says she "was a successful businesswoman for 36 years before going into the Assembly in 2008". Since she was 44 in 2008, that would mean her business career started at the age of 8.

Incredibly, when questioned about this obvious exaggeration, this was Corwin's response...

Corwin, now 47, sticks by her claim, saying she's worked much of her life in her family business -- doing everything from delivering the Talking Phone Book as a child to proofreading its pages as a teenager, and from marketing it as a vice president when returning from college to making strategic decisions as secretary-treasurer of the board in subsequent years.

There you have it. Let it be known that Corwin will have no problem lying to you if elected. I'm not saying the other two candidates won't. However, she clearly has no problem insulting the intelligence of the average voter by sticking to this claim. Hilarious.

This special election doesn't interest me at all. What they should really do is get a pit of mud and let Corwin and Kathy Hochul have at it. They're both the same size and about the same age. Winner take all. Heck, I'd even say give crazy Jack Davis some viagra and let him get in there as well. He might be a guy, but his advancing age makes it a fair fight. We all know these three are liars and don't really care about the average Western New York resident. Why not at least make it entertaining for the rest of us?


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